Why is it I never see a snowplow during a winter storm?
The Village of Richfield is responsible for removing snow from approximately 309 lane miles of road within its 36 square mile boundary. When a storm dictates a full operation, 8 trucks are dispatched to address the conditions. These operations occur at all hours of the day, but a lot of time, the Village’s snow operations occur while most residents are sleeping. On average, this takes about 4.5 hours to complete a full cycle. Sometimes this can take up to 7 hours depending on the severity of the storm. Storms can also warrant multiple cycles in order to maintain even the most minimal services. Time is also needed to reload, and refuel trucks during an operation.

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1. Why does the plow truck drive past with its plow up?
2. Why is the plow operator using sand and not salt?
3. Why is my road the last to be plowed?
4. Why has the plow operator left a large amount of snow in my driveway and in front of my mailbox, so I can’t get out of my driveway, or to my mailbox? When will they come back to clean this up?
5. My mailbox was damaged by the snowplow. What do I do?
6. Why is it I never see a snowplow during a winter storm?
7. I once saw a snow plow parked in a gas station, or in the shop parking lot during a bad snowstorm. Why was it there instead of on the streets working?
8. Who is responsible for plowing state and county roads?