About Richfield Continues

Thriving Village

Not only did Richfield have fertile, well-watered, scenic land; but it was serviced by two railroads early in its history. This gave rise to commercial as well as passenger traffic on its way to summer lake activities and Holy Hill. The Village of Richfield became a bustling center with two hotels and a full compliment of commercial establishments. Other crossroads communities within the Township borders – Colgate, Plat, Hubertus and Pleasant Hill developed as centers of activity providing services on a smaller scale to the surrounding families.

Desirable Features

With the advent of the automobile, Richfield's thriving commerce was redirected. Farming and agriculture, however, remained the dominant economic activity until rather recently. With desirable, scenic, well-watered land with proximity to Milwaukee, the Village of Richfield has seen much development associated with urban sprawl. Despite the disappearance of many family farms and the sleepy state of its crossroads communities, one can today still view many historic remnants of the thriving agriculture and commerce of an earlier age set against a stage of unusual scenic beauty. We invite you to take a Driving Tour of the Village.

Richfield Historical Society

For more information on the history of the village, please visit the Richfield Historical Society's website.