Organizational Chart

Organizational Structure

Organizational structure specifies the manner of how organizations run and extent to which job duties, power / oversight, and responsibilities are delegated. A keen understanding of this structure will allow you to better understand how information flows between levels of our village government.


The framework of the village's Organizational Chart (PDF) is essentially a hybrid approach between two types of management philosophies: hierarchical (top / down) and wheel and spoke (centralized power). Just like any other governmental organization, our responsibility is to work for the taxpayers. They are at the top of our organizational structure, closely followed by the elected officials they elect to serve as their representatives (ie: Village President and Board of Trustees).

Village Administrator

The village president and trustees then appoint an administrator, who runs the day-to-day operations of Village Hall. Administrator Schoemann oversees all departments and employees at both Village Hall and at Department of Public Works. However, given the 'lean government' philosophy this board, and those before them, have chosen to model their organization after you will notice each employee is directly tied to the functions of other departments within the village. This team approach allows us to make efficient, effective, and economical use of your tax dollars.


Village staff manages our 36 square mile Village, with 150 miles of road, and serves approximately 11,400 residents with nine full-time employees.