About Strategic Planning

Our Philosophy

We effectively plan and manage village growth to successfully blend our rural heritage with our modern way of life. We protect our diverse natural resources and environment. We treasure our small-town feel while investing in thoughtful business development that enhances the vitality of our community. We actively preserve our open space, our dark evening skies, and beautiful parklan...ds. We responsibly monitor, carefully develop, and efficiently use our precious water resources.

Our Government

We value an accessible and efficient government that provides outstanding services to the community financed by the right balance of residential, commercial, and agricultural property. We value civic engagement and community involvement in village planning and decision making. We proactively anticipate the needs of the community and work hard to ensure that we have clean and walkable neighborhoods, safe streets, well-maintained roads, and inviting community buildings. We have a thoughtful and responsible approach to taxation that minimizes the financial burden of living here while supporting the essential government services and programs that sustain the health, safety, and beauty of our village.

Our Community

We welcome new residents and honor our long-time residents' way of life and traditions. We have places to meet and build community and share local traditions and events that celebrate our history and our promising future. Our parks and trails provide extensive recreational opportunities for those who live here- and for those who are just visiting.