Property Information


If you are interested in finding out the history of a property in the Village of Richfield there are a number of options to explore. The quickest and easiest way to find what types of records the village has on a particular property is to call Village Hall at (262) 628-2260 and any member of the village staff would be able to help you find what records, if any, exist in our files.

Requested Items

The most commonly asked for items include:

  • Assessment information
  • Certified survey maps
  • Conditional uses
  • Notices of violation
  • Past inspection (building, electrical, plumbing, HVAC) history
  • Present property zoning
  • Registered surveys
  • Subdivision covenants and deed restrictions

Tax Bill

For detailed information regarding the tax bill history on a property it is suggested individuals contact the Washington County Treasurer’s Office at (262) 335-4324 or visit their website.