Often overlooked, cemeteries are an important facility in our community. Currently, there are twelve (12) cemeteries located in the Village of Richfield. Private individuals, religious organizations, and cemetery associations operate all of these facilities.

Cedar Park Cemetery
Pioneer Road and State Highway (STH) 175

Forest Home Cemetery
Scenic Road north of STH 167

Laubenheimer Cemetery
STH 175 and Elm Street

St. Columba Cemetery
106 STH 164

St. Hubert Cemetery
3727 Hubertus Road

St. Jacobi Evangelical Reformed Cemetery
1695 Scenic Road

St. Mary's Church Cemetery
2414 Hillside Road

St. Paul's United Church of Christ Cemetery
495 Street Augustine Road

Zion United Methodist Church Cemetery
3402 W. Willow Creek

First Presbyterian Cemetery
2282 STH 164

Emmanuel United Methodist Cemetery
1786 STH 175

St. Augustine Mission
STH 167 and St. Augustine Road