Underage Work Permit


The State of Wisconsin's Department of Workforce Development monitors the issuance of work permits for anyone who is under the age of 16. At Village Hall we are able to offer this service to anyone, regardless of where they live or work, provided they have the below listed items.


In order to obtain an underage work permit you must have all of the following:

Proof of Age

Birth Certificate, Baptismal Record, Driver's License, or state issued ID card. Birth records may be obtained from the register of deeds in the county of birth. Baptismal records may be secured from the pastor of the church in which the baptism took place.

Letter from the Employer

The letter should state the intent to employ the minor along with the job duties, hours of work, and time of day the minor will be working. The company's address and telephone number are required for processing.

Letter from the Minor's Parent / Guardian

The letter must state their permission for the child to work.

The Minor's Social Security Card

If the original Social Security Card is not available, a letter from the Social Security Office verifying the Social Security Number of the individual seeking the permit is acceptable.

Permit Fee of $10

The employer is required to pay the permit fee. If the minor advances the fee, the employer shall reimburse the minor not later than the minor's first paycheck.

Address of School / District That the Minor Attends

Please provide the minor's school or school district contact information.