WisDOT Village Construction

WisDOT Bridge Rehabilitation over the Oconomowoc River

The Village has been informed that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation will be rehabilitating the bridge over the Oconomowoc River this summer. The project will begin on Monday, July 12th and will last approximately 2 weeks.  WisDOT will have a full closure of STH 167 at the Oconomowoc River for bridge rehabilitation, replacement of the guardrail on the bridge approach, and asphalt paving. Through traffic will be detoured along WIS 164, County Q, and County K. Local access will be available up to the road closure located at the bridge. As construction begins, you can use the Wisconsin Department of Transportation 511 system to get live updates about the work being done.

View a project overview on the Wisconsin Department of Transportation 511 Wisconsin Construction Projects website here  

Project Contact:
Matt Buska, Project Construction Leader
Telephone: (715) 252-6787

Kurt Flierl, Project Manager
Telephone: (414) 750-3085

WisDOT Overall Schedule for Bridge Rehabilitation on STH 167 over the Oconomowoc River

WisDOT Proposed Highway Improvement on STH 167 from Wolf Rd to STH 164

The WisDOT has a proposed highway improvement on STH 167 from Wolf Rd to STH 164 starting in 2023. This is a 3.5 mile resurfacing project on STH 167, between STH 164 and Wolf Road. It is anticipated that the roundabouts in the project will be gapped (STH 164 and STH 175 were built in recent years). The resurfacing job will include milling and overly, base patching, and minor shoulder repairs. Joint and crack repair will be done as needed. Additionally, all of the beam guard throughout the project is old and will be replaced and grading will completed for the beam guard replacement. Minor repair work on culvert pipes is also anticipated and will be determined once snow melts and culvert pipes can be inspected.

Project Contact:
Colin Doherty, P.E., Wisconsin Department of Transportation Consultant Utility Coordinator
Southwest Region
Telephone: (262) 548-6455
Email: colin.doherty@dot.wi.gov 

WisDOT Proposed Highway Improvement on Holy Hill Rd/STH 167 from Wolf Rd to STH 164