Forms & Permits

Building Inspection

Please note, as of December 16, 2021 minimum permit fees have changed. The new minimum permit fees are as follows:

Minimum Building Permit Fee$60.00

Minimum Electrical Permit Fee$60.00

Minimum HVAC Permit Fee$60.00

Minimum Plumbing Permit Fee$50.00

As of May of 2022, the payment of Plan Review fees is required at the submittal of all building permits. Those Plan Review fees are as follows:

One- and two-family residence

Apartment, three-family residence row housing, multifamily building$230.00, plus $20.00/unit

Commercial and industrial alterations and additions$250.00

Additions to one- and two-family$100.00

Alterations to one- and two-family$75.00

Accessory building/Detached garage, 192 square fee or more$75.00

Decks, swimming pools$50.00

Heating plans submitted separately $50.00

Liquor Licensing

Pet Licensing

Planning and Zoning

Public Works and Parks Department

Voter Applications