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Comparable Home Sales and Data Report- 2017 (PDF)

2019 Village Real Estates Assessment Roll (PDF) 

May 21, 2019 at 5:30pm - Notice of Meeting to Adjourn Board of Review to Later Date (PDF)

2019 Guide for Property Owners (PDF)

2019 Property Assessment Appeal Guide for Wisconsin Real Property Owners (PDF)

Open Book

Monday, July 8th from 3:00 PM to 7:00 PM is the scheduled time for Village of Richfield Open Book. If you have questions or concerns about your assessment, you are encouraged to speak to the Assessor at any time. Prior to the Open Book, property owners will receive a Notice of Assessment if their assessment has changed from the previous year. The Open Book is your time to sit down with the Assessor one-on-one to discuss your assessment here at Village Hall. The  Assessor can explain what factors were considered in determining your assessment value. If you meet with the Assessor and you still do not believe your assessment is correct, you can appeal the decision to the Board of Review.  

Board of Review

The Board of Review is scheduled to meet on Monday, July 29th from 5:00 to 7:00PM or longer if the caseload dictates. Property owners are required to give 48 hours notice to appear before the Board of Review. Please submit all objections no later than Monday, July 26th by 4:00PM. If notice is not received within 48 hours, property owners may come to the Board of Review within the first two hours and ask the Board to hear their case. If the Board finds that the applicant shows good cause for failure to meet the 48 hour notice requirement and files a written objection, the Board may choose to hear the case. However, it is not obligated to do so.

Assessors in the Village 2019

The Village has contracted with Associated Appraisal Consultants to update all assessment records in the Village. Beginning January 3rd the assessors will be visiting properties to perform interior/exterior inspections. They will be driving red fleet vehicles with the Associated Appraisal logo on the side. Each of the field workers will carry a photo badge identifying themselves. If you are not home when they stop to do the inspection, they will leave a door hanger with their information on it. Please contact Associated Appraisals and make an appointment for a crew member to return and do the interior inspection. They will have evening appointments available for your convenience. You have the option of refusing the inspection.

Associated Appraisal

The Village of Richfield's Assessor is the firm Associated Appraisal, which is a firm based out of Appleton. Associated Appraisals provides accurate and comprehensive assessments of all real estate in the Village of Richfield. To make certain that all of the properties in the Village are treated in the same manner, the assessor's procedures are standardized by their adherence to Wisconsin State Statutes which deal with property taxation. Below is a brief description of the Village's property tax process.

Step One: Begin with a Budget

The process is similar to how you must budget your paycheck to pay for housing, food, and clothing. You need to know where your money is going (expenses) and how it is coming in (revenues).

First, village departments prepare budget requests that detail how much money (revenue) is needed to cover planned expenses. These requests are submitted to the village administrator for review. The village administrator presents their recommended budget to the board in November. A public hearing is held on the recommendations, usually in late November.

Step Two: Calculate the Property Tax Levy

After determining how much revenue the village will receive from the state and other sources, we must make up the difference with property taxes. The property tax levy is the total amount of revenue needed from property taxes to cover general fund expenditures, debt service costs, and other expenses. The total village tax levy for the 2012 budget was $2,421,309.

Step Three: Calculate the Property Tax Rate

To figure out the property tax rate you must know two things: the tax levy (just explained) and the village's total assessed value. Assessed value is the value of all Village of Richfield properties for tax purposes and is determined by the village assessor. The village's total assessed value of real and personal property for 2011 was $1,475,264,099.

How to Calculate the Tax Rate

  • Tax levy divided by assessed value equals property tax rate
  • So, $2,421,309 divided by $1,475,264,099 equals $1.64

Step Four: Calculate Your Tax Bill

To calculate the Village of Richfield's portion of your tax bill, a tax rate of $1.64 means that for every $1,000 of property you own, you are taxed $1.64 for village government services.

Your Tax Bill: The Big Picture

Your property tax bill adds together the tax levy of potentially five or six taxing jurisdictions. All tax bills in the village include the State of Wisconsin, Washington County, and the Village of Richfield. Depending on where you live, it may also include a combination of the following:

  • Holy Hill School Area District
  • Germantown School District
  • Hartford School District
  • Milwaukee Area VTC
  • Moraine Park VTC
  • Slinger School District

Tax Brochure's By School District

The brochures provides total tax rate. Along with breaking it down by each taxing district (i.e. Village of Richfield, Washington County, State of Wisconsin, school district and and technical college). The total tax rate can be used to calculate your tax bill. This can be done by: 

Assessed property value divided by 1000 equals Assessed value per a 1000.


Assessed Value per 1000 multiplied by Total Tax Rate equals Tax bill