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Richfield Road Jurisdiction
Roads by Jurisdiction

Roads under Richfield Jurisdiction

A Da' Hi Ct
Abbey Rd
Aicher Ln
Alex Ct
Amber Ct
Amber Trl
Amy Belle Lake Rd
Amy Belle Ln
Amy Belle Rd
Augustine Pointe Ct
Autumn Trl
Ball Dr
Bambi Rd
Bark Lake Dr
Bark Lake Ln
Bark Lake Rd
Basswood Ln
Beechwood Industrial Ct
Bell Tower Pl
Belvedere E
Belvedere W
Black Bear Ct
Black Squirrel Ct
Boulder Ct
Briar Ridge Ln
Browning Ct
Bunker Hill Ct
Butternut Ln
Cabela Way
Cambridge Ct
Cambridge Dr
Cambridge Ln
Candle Light Ct
Candlewood Ln
Cathedral Ct
Cathlynn Dr
Cedar Ridge Trl
Chapel Ct
Cherokee Trl
Cheyenne Ct
Circle Dr
Clover Ct
Colgate Rd
Conestoga Ct
Conestoga Trl
Coopers Hawks Dr
Cora Ln
Country Highlands Dr
County Square Ln
Coventry Ct
Coyote Ct
Cree Ct
Cresent Dr
Crosswinds Ct
Debby Ln
Deer trail Ct
Depot Rd
Douglas Dr
Dove Ct
Drumlin Ln
East Cliffe Dr
E Lake Ln
E Shore Dr
Elk Ct
Elm Rd
Elmwood Ct
Elmwood Rd
Elmwood Way
Elsie's Dr
Endeavor Dr
Esker Ct
Evergreen Ct
Fairway View Ct
Far Hill Ln
Feather Reed Ct
Field Cliffe Dr
Fieldstone Ln
Foot Bridge Rd
Forest Ct
Fox Hollow
Fox Hollow Dr
Fox Run Ln
Frank's Way
Friess Lake Rd
Friess Lake Rd E
Friess Lake Rd N
Glacier Dr
Glenwood Ct
Golden Dr
Goodes Glen Rd
Grandview Ct
Grey Fox Ct
Greystone Dr
Grouse Cir
Hanson Dr
Harvest Moon Ct
Hawks Moon Ct
Hawks Nest Ct
Hawks Ridge Dr
Hawthorn Rd
Heather Hill Cir
Heather Hill Dr
Helsan Dr
Hickory Hill Pkwy
Hidden Glen Ct
High Knoll Ln
High Ridge Dr
Highland Ave
Highland Ct
Highland Dr
Highview Dr
Hill'N Dale Rd
Hillock Ct
Hillside Rd
Hilltop View Ct
Hillview Ct
Hogs Back Rd
Holy Hill Ln
Homestand Ct
Hubertus Rd
Hunter Hill Trl
Industrial Rd
Jamesway Pass
Jencris Ct
Jessica Ln
Jordan Cir
Kacin Ct
Karin Cir
Kairn Ct
Kame Ct
Keli Jean Ct
Kennedy Cir N
Kennedy Cir S
Kennedy Ct E
Kennedy Ct S
Kennedy Ct W
Kerechun Rd
Kettering Ridge Rd
Kettle Moraine Pkwy
Kettle Ridge
Kettle Side Ct
Kettle Side Dr
Kreuser's Ridge
Lake Dr
Lake Five Dr
Lakeview Ave
Lakeview Rd
Lakeview Rd N
Lakeview Rd W
Lakeview Ridge Ln
Lamplighter Ln
Linda Ln
Loch View Rd
Loftwood Ter
Longfield Ln
Lower Woodland Dr
Maggie Way
Majestic Dr
Mallard Ct
Maple Dr
Maple Grove Ct
Maple Grove Dr
Maple Ter
Maplewood Ct
Maria Ln
Mayfield Rd
Meadow Lark Ln
Meadow View Ct
Meadow Way
Melody Ln
Middle Ridge Dr
Mitchell Trl
Monches Rd
Moonlit Ct
Moonlit Dr
Moraine Ct
Moraine Dr
Morgan Dr

Mount Ct
Mount Ln
Murray Ln E
Murray Ln W
Nagel Ln
Neuburg Ct
Ney'A Ti Ct
Nob Hill
Nob Hill W
North Star Pl
Northwood Trl
Norway Pine Ct
Nostalgic Ct
Nostalgic Dr
Oak Dr
Oak Ridge Ct
Oakwood Ct N
Oakwood Ct S
Oakwood Manor Dr
Oconobanks Dr
Orchard Rd
Overhill Rd
Overlook Dr W
Parish Dr
Park View Dr
Partridge Cir
Patricia Ln
Patrick Ln
Patriot Ct
Peacock Pass
Pheasant Run
Pine Dr
Pine Meadow Ct
Pine View Ct N
Pine View Ct S
Parts of Pioneer Rd
Plat Rd
Plateau Dr
Pleasant Hill Rd
Pleasant View Dr
Polk St
Porcupine Pass
Prairie Ct
Prairie Ln
Prairie View Ln
Preserve Way
Quail Run
Queen's Ct
Railroad St
Raptor Ct
Ravine Ridge Ct
Ravine Ridge Dr
Red Fox Cir
Red Oak Ct
Redtail Ln
Reflections Dr
Remington Trl
Richfield Pkwy
Ridge Ct N
Ridge Ct S
Ridge Dr
Ridge Rd
Ridge View Ln
Ridgeview Ct
Ridgewood Knoll
Riverview Dr
Roman's Way
Rooster Ct
Rosie Ct
Royal Oak Ct
Sandstone Ln
Sarah Ellen Ct
Scarborough Dr
Scenic Hill Trl
Scenic Rd
Scenic Ridge Ct
Shadow Ct
Shadow Ln
Shady Ln
Sherman Rd
Sherry Ln
Shore Dr N
Shore Dr S
Shoreland Ln
Skyline Ct
Skyline Dr
Sleepy Hollow Dr
Slinger Rd
Sonseeahray Ct
Sonseeahray Dr
Sparrow Hawk Trl
Spruce Dr
St Augustine Ln
St Augustine Rd
St Augustine Cr
St Gabriel Way
St Hubertus Ct
St Hubertus Dr
Star Light Place
Steeple Dr
Steeple View Ct
Stevens Dr
Stone Meadow Ct
Stonefield Rd
Stonegate Pass
Stonehaven Way
Stonehedge Dr
Stoneway Ct
Summit Dr
Sunny Dale Ct
Sunrise Dr
Sunset Hill Rd
Swan Dr
Swindon Ct
Swindon Hill
Tallgrass Ct
Tally Ho Trl
Taylor Ct
Teal Ct
Timber Dr
Timber Stone Ct
Timber Stone Way
Tomac Ln
Tuckaway Ln
Turnwood Ct
Turnwood Dr
Upland Ct
Upland Dr
Upper Woodland Dr
Valley View Dr
Venture Cir
Violet Ct
Vista Moraine Dr
Watercress Ct
Wedgewood Dr
Wejegi Dr
Wexford Cir
Wexford Cir N
Wexford Dr
Whispering Pass
Whispering Ridge Ct
Whispering Ridge Dr
Whispering Woods Ct
White Pines Trl
Whitetail Cir
Whitetail Run
Wicker Ln
Wildlife Ct
Wildlife Trl
Wildwood Ridge
Willow Creek Rd
Willowgate Pass
Winchester Pass
Windemere Dr
Windy Knoll Dr
Winnebago Cir
Winnebago Rd
Wolf Den Ct
Wolf Rd
Wolf Run Dr
Wood Ct
Wood Duck Ct
Wooded Ridge Trl
Woodland Ct
Woodland Dr
Woodland View Dr
Woodridge Ct
Woodsfield Dr
Woodside Ct
Woodside Ln
Woodthrush Ln
Woodview Dr
Woodview Trce
Yorkshire Dr

Roads Under Washington County Jurisdiction

Hwy 175
Hwy 167
Hwy 164
Parts of Pioneer Rd
Hwy CC
Hwy Q

Richfield Road Map
Richfield Plow Map