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Comprehensive Plan
Wisconsin's Smart Growth Law defines the nine required elements, listed below, that are required to be found in municipal comprehensive plans. The Village of Richfield's comprehensive plan was developed in an environment rich with opportunities for public input.

Citizen Involvement
To gain citizen understanding and support throughout the planning process, the public was provided with a variety of meaningful opportunities to become involved in the process. Public input was facilitated through a series of workshops and special activities, including a community survey. Information was disseminated through direct mailings, media releases, TV-98 (Richfield's Government Information Station), the village newsletter, and an interactive website.

The village adopted their comprehensive plan in 2004, and is required by the State of Wisconsin to have it updated by the end of 2014. Copies of the village comprehensive plan are available to review at Village Hall.

Required Elements
  • Agricultural, natural, and cultural resources
  • Economic development
  • Housing
  • Implementation
  • Intergovernmental cooperation
  • Issues and opportunities
  • Land use
  • Transportation
  • Utilities and community facilities

Village of Richfield Comprehensive Plan, 2014-2033
Chapter 1: Introduction
Chapter 2: Issues and Opportunities
Chapter 3: Community Profile
Chapter 4: Housing
Chapter 5: Transportation
Chapter 6: Utilities and Community Facilities
Chapter 7: Agricultural, Natural and Cultural Resources
Chapter 8: Economic Development
Chapter 9: Existing Use
Chapter 10: Intergovernmental Cooperation
Chapter 11: Implementation

Appendix A - 2004 Public Participation Plan
Appendix B - 2013 Public Participation Plan

Map Series
Map Series Listing
Maps 1-11
Map 12, Future Land Use Map

*Please note that not all of the links are active, this is intentional. The elements of the Comprehensive Plan which do not have active links are in various stages of development and not ready for public consumption. This webpage will carry the most up-to-date information relative to the Comprehensive Plan, so please check back often.

Community Buildout Analysis
2013 Community Buildout Analysis