Board of Appeals


The Board of Zoning Appeals does not have regularly scheduled meetings. When meetings are scheduled, they occur in the lower level of the Richfield Village Hall. Village Hall is located at 4128 Hubertus Road, Hubertus, WI 53033.


  • Robert Bilda, Chairman - Term Ends 2023
  • Brian Gallitz - Term Ends 2024
  • Jack Lietzau - Term Ends 2023
  • Norb Weyer - Term Ends 2024
  • Richard Schlei - Term Ends 2025
  • Gerald Wold, 1st Alternate - Term Ends 2025
  • Jeff Klug, 2nd Alternate - Term Ends 2023


The Board of Zoning Appeals shall consist of five regular members and two alternate members appointed by the Village Board. One member, appointed by the village president, shall serve as the chair of the Board of Appeals.


Communities which have an adopted zoning ordinance are required to appoint a Zoning Board of Appeals. The primary function of the Board of Zoning Appeals is to review and decide cases where there is an alleged error made by the village’s planning and zoning administrator (ie: Administrative Appeals) or where a relaxation of the ordinance is being sought (ie: Variance).

While it may be easy to think of the Board of Zoning Appeals as being able to have flexibility in the administration of the village’s zoning code, which found in chapter 70, it is unfortunately a misconception.

Qualification Requirements

To qualify for a variance, an applicant has the burden of proof to demonstrate that all three criteria defined in Wisconsin State Statutes have been met:

  • Unnecessary hardship
  • Unique property limitations
  • No harm to public interests