Current Construction / Road Closures

2022 Road Construction

On March 17th, 2022, the Village Board was presented with the bid proposal for the 2022 Highway Improvement Program. This bid was awarded to the lowest responsive and qualified bidder. Roadwork this summer will occur on:

  • Bark Lake Road (From Scenic Road to Amy Belle Road) - BASE BID
  • Hubertus Road (From St. Gabriel Way to Hillside Road) - BASE BID
  • Plat Road (From Monches Road south to Curve) - BASE BID
  • Melody Lane (From Plat Road to Monches Road) - ALTERNATE
  • Red Oak Court (From Scenic Road to Termini) - ALTERNATE
  • Plat Road (From Beginning of Curve south to County Highway Q) - ALTERNATE

Nearby property owners will be notified directly of the upcoming construction and anticipated timelines. It is important to note that timelines are weather dependent and are only a reasonable estimation of the time it will take to construct these roads. 

As a part of the construction, we work to notify our community partners like our first responders, the U.S. Post Office, local bus companies, the waste haulers who service our community, and private parcel delivery to mitigate any potential service inconveniences that may arise from construction. While the roads will always be accessible to through traffic, there may be times where motorists will be inconvenienced for the safety of the workers. 

To keep everyone informed and abreast of any details regarding this summer construction project, Village Staff hosted an open-forum-style in-person meeting on Thursday, April 21st from 5:00PM to 7:00PM before the regularly scheduled Village Board Meeting.


Our 2022 Highway Improvement Program is the single largest budgeted item in the Village and the Department of Public Works accounts for over 50% of our Village budget. Therefore, the Village Board and Staff strive to continue to involve residents, receive input, and keep an open dialogue with property owners; especially when it comes to road construction.

Timeline for Construction

2022 HIP - Overall Schedule
*Please Note: This schedule is weather dependent*

Public Documents

2022 Highway Improvement Program:
2022 HIP Map with Alternates
Bark Lake Road from Scenic Road to Amy Belle Road - BASE BID
Plat Road from Monches Road south to Curve - BASE BID
Hubertus Road from St. Gabriel Way to Hillside Road - BASE BID

2021 Highway Improvement Program:
2021 HIP Map
Alternate Bid Map
Pioneer Road from STH 164 to Hillside Road
Pioneer Road from Scenic Road to STH 175
Mayfield Road from STH 167 to Railroad Tracks
Elmwood Road from Hillside Road to Scenic Road